Live Nation Productions is the television and film division of Live Nation. It is headed by its President Heather Parry. She is known for being passionate about her work and being a prolific multitasker.

Heather Parry 

An example of this took place during her last birthday when she was talking with actor Colin Hanks and he said that he would like to do a documentary about Eagle of Death Metal’s concert in Paris following their last concert there that was bombed by a terrorist. She immediately said, “Let’s do it!” but Colin said it could wait a few days. A few days later she called him and said “Let’s go” and so they took off for Paris on a plane.

Heather Parry has produced many documentaries about people in the music industry. This includes Imagine Dragons, Lady Gaga, Noah Cyrus, and Sean “Diddy” Combs. Her films have been recognized by the film industry such as “Eagles of Death Metal: Nos Amis” which earned nominations for two Critic Choice Awards.

She was also deeply involved in the recent award-winning film “A Star is Born“. When Heather Parry learned about this movie and the Bradley Cooper would be directing she got excited and after speaking with his agent Live Nation Productions took part. Her company used their media marketing deck to promote this film and they had a hand in it getting filmed.

She worked for MTV from when she was 21 until she was 33. Heather Parry then went to work for Adam Sandler for a decade and his Happy Madison Productions. Having worked in television, film, and music she was a natural to take over Live Nation Productions as she had the experience, knowledge, and passion to do the job.

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