Gregory Aziz is without a doubt one of the successful business people in North America. His success has come through a Canadian rail products manufacturer known as the National Steel Car. Under his leadership, this company has proven to be one of the crucial industries in the region. National Steel Car falls under the category of engineering and manufacturing industry. It is currently ranked as a top company in this industry. It is the only ISO certified engineering company in North America. National Steel Car has been around for the past one century. There are few businesses which can manage to have such longevity.


Gregory J Aziz has created the difference between this company and the rest. Since he bought it, he has tried as much as possible to see that the company remains on the right track. Greg Aziz understands the needs of the industry, and that is why Greg is ready to change the manner in which business is done in the company. He took up the role of CEO at a time when it was almost collapsing and has managed to get it back to the top. He bought this company with the belief that he would manage to resuscitate its productivity. Find More Information Here.


Gregory Aziz took only five years to show his capability in business. He has transformed this company in such a way that it has recorded its highest results one century later. Although it was doing very well when it was created in the early 20-th century, the productivity kept on dwindling as time went by. In the past two decades that the company has been under the leadership of Gregory J Aziz, it has multiplied its productivity by three. In 1994, production stood at 3,500 railroad freight cars in one year, and now they are doing over 12,000 car in the same duration.


Gregory J Aziz has always loved the idea of being in business from a young age. When he finished university, he joined a foods business that was owned by his family. Aziz helped transform this company into one of the biggest importers of food in North America. He worked in this company for one decade and a half and left a great track record of success behind. He has a degree in economics from Western Ontario University. Due to his long experience in the business sector, he can see opportunities that others might not.


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