Amanda Morgan-Taylor became the new Chief Executive Officer back in March 2018. Although she had not been in the position long, Morgan-Taylor has hit the ground running. She wants to make sure that every patient is not only cared for properly but has been given a chance to really connect with their care providers in a better way.


This is a constant improvement. Customer service is in constant need of being improved. Sussex Healthcare believes in letting employees really to know the patients so that they can best treat their illnesses. It is all about the patients. With that in mind, the disabled receive the same care. These can be young adults that have had a traumatic brain injury that is permanent and just cannot care for themselves. Their families cannot help them either. This is why Sussex Healthcare offers them the support they need and house them in the facility. The standard of care they receive is wonderful. The staff really does go up and beyond to please their patients. This is why the healthcare network is number one. They put their patients first. In doing so, there are many improvements in their overall state of mind and health.


Sussex Healthcare is a part of Sussex Health Care Group, a dynamic group of companies and organizations dedicated to the highest standards of health care from diagnostic and frontline services to the provision of long-term specialist adult care, research and education.


The company also holds a large range of accreditations bestowed by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization).


The employees are taken care of as well. Many people would love to come to Sussex Healthcare to work in order to get themselves in the medical field. The” you have to start somewhere approach” is why potential workers do not need much experience to get in. Sussex has their own state of the art training academy. Employees call to learn how to care for patients the Sussex way. This is the way to keep their company as the top seed in the healthcare network industry. With this type of training, employees know that they are expected to adhere to the policies that make Sussex great. There are perks for working for this incredible company. See This Page for additional information.


The wages are competitive, uniforms are offers at no charge, help is offered in continuing your education, there is free bus transportation to the job site, and there is extra pay for holidays, night time shifts and weekends. There is also a discount on food while at work. So, working for this company is a plus.


For both patients and employees, Sussex Healthcare is the right fit. Why not start your career there? Why not have your loved one receive care from there.



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