Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall formed a music band that they named it the Chainsmokers. Their manager Adam, who also collaborated in introducing the duos to each other before they met. Andrew Taggart who had specialized in production while Alex studied music in the University. Before they started the music business, Alex Paul used to work as a DJ in New York City where he was playing music. Andrew Taggart was at that time an internship student. They both had a love for the music. Mr. Andrew Taggart made and produced some of his original music then posted them. Alex enjoyed dance music but they came to realize that doing music was their thing after they met and talked. Alex had also visited the Gallery where they met with Andrew. it forced Andrew to leave and come to settle in New York so that they can work their dream together.


Both Alex and Taggart have done music which has become hit in American Billboard and even top twenty. In case of the awards, the chainsmokers have been awarded on different music they have worked upon. Doing music and production is not an easy job especially for the music industry. Andrew Taggart is a person who has made it and their fans get new things. During Grammy music awards the duos were not left behind. They had something to speak to the public when they attended the Grammys. When it comes to making music a hit, a song named “somebody” is a clear example you need to listen to. The modular synth has been used a lot and vocal samples well pitched-up.


The chainsmokers once posted on the Facebook social media funny clip. You had to be seated for you to watch the clip. The Chainsmoker duos Andrew Taggart and his partner Alex Pall had made a promise on the guidance of how they came up with the song which would be released sometimes later. this is something which brought about taste of a tiresome process. Some vocal parts in the clip had been recorded before but as something which meant different song. The pitching change came up as a result of a lying reason.

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