Sharon Prince works with a Foundation called Sharon Prince Grace Farms where she is the president and at the same time the president of the Foundation. Grace Farms was established 10 years ago with an objective of bettering the lives of people through programs that focus on faith, Justice, community and nature of arts.

Sharon Prince has partnered with several stakeholders and nonprofit making organization in overseeing the design in building the River. This has made the foundation to be recognized as an avenue for enhancement of peace and grace according to the report of October 2015. Grace Farms has also propelled in the field a drawing, social wellbeing among others. In 2018, Sharon Prince received an award for drawing and designs.

When Sharon Prince joined Grace Farm, Sharon Prince had an objective of finding violence against women, human trafficking and child exploitation which was happening both at the regional and local level. She has been able to achieve all this by going an extra mile of fighting at the international level.

For instance, in the year 2016, Sharon Prince was privileged to be among those who hosted a Human Trafficking in Conflict which was hosted by the United Nations Security Council. Moreover, she has launched an international media campaign against Human Trafficking, Forced, and Children exploitation through spreading the message globally. Refer to This Article for additional information.

Lastly, Sharon Prince is a Board member of Nepal Generation which is a humanitarian charity organization that is geared towards reintegration of the victims or rather those who have incurred some loss as a result of family exploitation on the children’s. Two years ago, she awarded for efforts as an Abolitionist. Before she started working with Grace Farm, Sharon Prince has also served in the capacity of chair for 66North. She has a bachelors and post graduate degree from Tulsa University.


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