Upon graduating from Seton Hall University with an earned MA in Psychological Studies and an EdS in Marriage and Family Therapy, Roseann Bennett began her career practice as an in-home family and marriage therapist in the state of New Jersey. Throughout her several years of service as an in-home therapist in the counties of Somerset, Warren, and Hunterdon, Bennett specialized in working with juveniles and their families on an individual basis whereby she held the responsibility of devising treatment planning and managing individual crisis interventions.

However, Roseann Bennett noticed that even after applying her counseling techniques with maximum effort on a daily in-home basis, she was still only able to impact a handful of people. To Roseann Bennett, this limited amount of service made her feel as though she was being hindered in her potential to treat so many other deserving clients. Therefore, upon the intent to reach out and treat even those who could not afford her services, Roseann Bennett co-founded the Center for Assessment and Treatment located out of Hackettstown, New Jersey in 2009. See Related Link to learn more.

Indeed, the treatment center was built to mirror Bennett’s extreme generosity, compassion, and focus towards that of helping others through its charity clinical services. Nonetheless, as executive director, Roseann Bennett is responsible for overseeing the development of a range of treatment programs and single-handedly maintaining the financial aspects of the company. From Roseann Bennett’s persistent pursuits in researching and seeking out alternative ways to effectively treat her clients, Bennett came across the idea for the application of “Canine Assisted Therapy”.

With this form of therapy, patients are expected to display improved mood and behavior during their interactive sessions with therapy-approved canines. According to Roseann Bennett, she strongly believes that the utilization of “Canine Assisted Therapy” at her treatment center will prove to be most effective in treating her clients because she was able to take note of its positive improvement in behavior upon introducing the method to her juvenile clients with autism.


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