Robert Deignan is indeed a man who has come to master the human ability to use the power of the mind to take charge of one’s own destiny. In his diligent quest for entrepreneurship, Deignan remained steadfast in the pursuit of genuine personal desires that inevitably afforded him the opportunity to attract true success and happiness. Moreover, in addition to fulfilling the necessary educational requirements to establish a career in business, Deignan developed the mental stamina to not only resist defeat but to learn from it.

Immediately after having graduated from high school with a full football scholarship to college, Deignan chose to enroll at Purdue University to study business. In 1995, he graduated from the university with a degree in Business Management and then continued on with his love for football to play in the NFL for two very well-known teams—the NY Jets and the Miami Dolphins. From 1997-1998, Deignan played professional football but quit after becoming inspired by the business of technology. With the objective in mind to work for himself, Robert Deignan went through a period of entrepreneurial/corporate trials before finding his niche in life. Between 1998 when Deignan quit football and ending in 2011 when he launched ATS Digital, Deignan debuted his first company (Fanlink, Inc.) that lasted for only a few years and held a position as Executive Vice President for the company iS3 for nine years.

However, upon developing ATS Digital Services in August 2011, Robert Deignan found out that it would become his most grand project to date. Deignan created the Boca Raton, Florida based customer service company upon the idea of convenience following issues his employer (Anti-Malware Software Company) encountered in trying to resolve technical issues for their customers. Nevertheless, upon witnessing the success of introducing remote technology to resolve this matter, Deignan started his own company and became CEO and Co-Founder of ATS Digital. Today, the globally utilized service is the first of it kind to become app certified to incorporate the use of screen-sharing technology to repair faulty tech devices for customers.

For those individuals who aspire to become as successful as Deignan did, he gives but a few valuable pieces of advice. To both achieve and maintain entrepreneurial prosperity, Deignan states that people must always listen to what their instincts are telling them, do the necessary research and analyze facts to avoid costly risks, employ people who demonstrate a desire to excel with the company, avoid working with the complexities of family/friend relationships, and to always allow oneself the personal time to think clearly to enhance one’s creativity.

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