Everyone old and young has trouble with technology every once in a while. Robert Deignan recognized the potential in offering a service for this audience and created his own company. The origins of ATS Digital Services came after an incident at his first job. He had to remotely install the company software to bypass already present malware on the client’s device. In a recent Gazette Day article, Robert Deignan shares a series of tips for future entrepreneurs and businessman.

Starting with the foundations of the job, Robert Deignan strongly encourages individuals to go with their gut. It takes a certain level of courage to trust oneself to this degree, but using and refining this instinct is vital to long-term success. He then strongly advises individuals to use a spreadsheet or some form of note-taking. The best way to ensure an idea comes to pass is to crunch numbers to see if its a viable option. When both of these are used together, it cuts down on wasted time for moving forward.

The next tips involve the everyday internal process in the company. It is important to keep in mind the culture among the employees. They need to get along and be like-minded in how they approach their work. Robert Deignan describes how some of the best people, might not be a good fit for the company. He also suggests to avoid hiring people you know. This will impair the group’s ability to reach its greatest potential. The final tip is possibly the most important. He suggests to not get overworked and to find personal time. It greatly helps keep everything in check and aids the creative thinking process.

Robert Deignan is a very successful businessman. His history in sports and academic had proven countless times that he has the drive to succeed. This list of tips is to help future individuals start their business off on the right foot. He looks forward to the future of the industry and sees many bright minds in the upcoming generation.


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