Gregory James Aziz has been taking the role of president of the National Steel car ever since he acquired 15 years. Aziz was born in 1949 in London and the exposure of the urban life has contributed a lot to his success in handling the matters related to the business world. He then proceeds with his education at the University of Western in Ontario where he passed in the field of economics. The skills he has obtained in the same niche has made him handle the issues of the issues of finance at the National Steel Car with fewer challenges. The firm has been ruling the market lately due to the effective measures that have been set in place. It is at the front line on the matter of the railroad and freight manufacturing in the North America market.


Gregory J Aziz in 1971 joined the team of members who were operating in the family business called Affiliated Foods. He put his efforts in learning many things in the field of management. The dedication he showed in the firm propelled him at the high point of the manager. Gregory J Aziz started putting his ideas into practices and he made the company top in the arena of importation of the fresh produce in the entire region of North America. Additionally, the company stretched its limits in supplying its products to the clients based in other parts of the world. Aside, the management of the Affiliated Foods encouraged specialization among the employees with an aim of saving time. The main regions served by the company internationally are Canada and United States.


The factor that boosted the acquisition of the National Steel Car by Greg Aziz in 1994 is the return he made from the investment he had made in the 1990s and 1980s. He made a decision of becoming part of the owner of the big companies dealing with the international market. Gregory J Aziz set in place the right measures within the system of the company with an aim of restoring its glory to the previous point in the market. He involved the team of experts in every stage he took as the leader of the company. Furthermore, to assure their supporters about the quality of the company’s products, he registered National Steel Car under the procedures of the ISO. Read This Article for more information.


Gregory Aziz as a leader at the National Steel Car has put in place the right measures to make the company flow along the right line of expectation.

Gregory Aziz as a businessman had gained enough skills of investment while serving in banking.

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