The realm of medicine requires a good number of innovators aside from the intellectuals. Day in day out there is the need for improved treatments, new medicine, and better health care. Experience, dedication, and passion are key. Carsten Thiel is one perfect example of medical professionals who exhibit this quality and beyond. Having invented a number of treatments that have gained market far and wide he is a perfect role model for newbies in the field.

After completion of his studies, Carsten Thiel was assimilated to a pharmaceutical and biotechnology company where he was incorporated into the Communication and Product Management Department. He maneuvered his way to a higher position by applying his intellectual skills to the development of the company. He scooped huge responsibilities that he well managed and this resulted in the perfection of his works in the biochemistry field.

Carsten Thiel became well known when he launched his weight loss products. He marketed the product with uniqueness put into consideration the right stakeholders and investors. Thiel has marketed renowned products including Prolia, Strensiq, Neulasta, and Vectibix among several others. . He was sure not to exaggerate on the outcome of the product as done by other producers and this would keep his market consistent throughout its sale. He was well equipped with tremendous marketing skills that he had gained in his line of work and this anchored him to his interesting journey of the medical field.

Carsten was born in Berlin. He was an outgoing and exemplary chemistry student at Marburg. He later studied organic chemistry and majored on biochemistry at the University of Bristol. He wanted to gain as much knowledge as he could he studied Molecular Biology in the Biophysical Chemistry Institute of Max Planck. With all this knowledge Thiel has innovated several treatments and medicines that have really seen to it his success in the medical arena.


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