Paul Herdsman is an entrepreneur with immense experience in investment issues. He is the founder of a firm called Nice Global. NICE Global is a part of an all-star team dedicated to ensuring that its clients are monetizing their online traffic and getting the highest return on their marketing spend.


Mr. Herdsman often gives people advice about the secret to achieving success in the business world. Paul says that many individuals always dream of their successful ventures. However, certain conditions prevent them from ever realizing their dreams. He gives the following reasons as to what has made him along with other company owners successful:


  1. Positive Attitude.

Paul Herdsman believes that the attitude matters most to startup entrepreneurs. He explains that those who are positive are always in a position to think a way out in case things do not go as planned. Paul Herdsman believes that the only way to have a positive attitude and stay focused is by shunning away every negativity that comes along in the process of fulfilling an investment dream. Paul Herdsman gives a way of achieving this. He advises that everyone should write down at least five things that one is grateful for every single day. This helps in staying fixed on the right things and, thus, avoid getting derailed by the negatives of life.


  1. Take Risks.

According to Paul Herdsman, risking is the only way to know whether an idea is realistic. However, he cautions against risking without researching whether it is worth doing so. Paul believes that collection of as much information as possible about an entity is the key towards being successful. He further explains that one of the qualities of a promising entrepreneur is the ability to mitigate risks before they happen. This enables one to use alternative means of achieving a task that is less risky.


  1. Seek a Self-Driving Task.

Mr. Paul believes that most of the energies to succeed always come from within. He, therefore, advises people to invest in a venture that gives a sense of self-drive while managing. Paul claims that passion will be vital in ensuring that one succeeds even if barriers come on the way. Therefore, having a business venture that brings excitement to the owner is one of the primary determinants of success. This helps the individual to be more visionary and willing to sacrifice time and money to see the venture thrive.




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