Paul Herdsman is a well-known and seasoned entrepreneur of NICE Global a company based in Jamaica. Paul undertakes many roles in his career to ensure success in his business and maintain successful operations. He has acquired experiences and skills that are related to his expertise and necessary for the success of his business as well as in the customer services industry.


Paul Herdsman implements new skills and knowledge to ensure that he retains his customers, satisfy them, develop businesses and market the resources to ensure talents are taken care of and utilized well in the company. Paul Herdsman as the COO of NICE Global maintains the operations by controlling stability within the organization departments. The process ensures that the company retains more customers and outsources others from other related departments to increase the number of entrepreneurs as well as business owners. NICE global, therefore, provides all customer needs with a competitive rate by allowing the company bosses to maintain excellent communication that concerns their operations.


NICE global was established in 2014, and since then, Paul has been playing essential roles that have significantly contributed to its growth and acquisition of new clients and retaining customer loyalty. His views on the business have been incredibly valuable. Besides, he shares his knowledge and experiences with his colleagues.


Through his employment career, Paul Herdsman has tried to take self-inventories relating to a specific task that he enjoyed and those he excelled in. Through maintaining his inquisitive nature through his roles, he began to see different patterns about his business that he always in. Paul later realized that he was fond of building perfect customer service and experiences as well as streamlining his daily processes that ensured the businesses run smoothly.


Overall, in his professional roles, he focused on tasks that allowed him to care for his customers and the aspects of the business. He was also fortunate to have the opportunity to learn new skills that he needed to succeed and later the skills helped him to build NICE Global.


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