Among the things to know about Michael Burwell is about his leadership style. He is idealistic with sharp analytical skills, and he never settles for less than what is optimal for the company; given the available resources and economic state. The fact that Willis Tower Watson hired him to serve the company as its Chief Financial Officer is the best move that the company has ever taken to excel in the business. His prowess and skills are evidenced by the tremendous growth that Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLC (PwC) enjoyed from the expertise that Michael showcased while serving the company.


Michael Burwell an epitome of a high-value asset that any company needs most for its growth. His former employers can attest to this. He has always made history with the numerous accomplishments even in the most challenging tasks that were entrusted to him. Besides performing exemplary well from the University of Michigan, he is a brilliant CPA with over 30 years of distinguished experience in serving at high positions from different companies.


His undergraduate studies gave him an opportunity to refine his skills in management, mergers, and acquisitions, above all in transformative leadership. This skill set puts Michael Burwell in the best position for optimizing organization’s resources and finances that create a stable and progressive foundation for a company that no amount of improbable financial risks can shake the growth and sustainability of the company.


With such a remarkable resume, it is easy to understand why Michael Burwell is considered the best in Portfolio Management, chief financial officer, and chief operating officer. While heading the U.S Transaction services, his leadership was such instrumental to the company by how he was able to remove all barriers and toxic challenges that were hindering the company from growing. The high degree of success was such a fascinating experience for Burwell that helped shape his reputation as a person who is capable of doing more with less. Similarly, his high level of productivity and ability to streamline operations in a way that propelled the company towards achieving its shared goals caught the eyes of Willis Towers Watson leadership. The company’s president is thrilled to have Michael in his team as a perfect fit, and it is apparently for a good reason. Read This Article for additional information.


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