Ever since they entered the world of music in 2014, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart of the chainsmokers have been ruling the airwaves through hit after hit. The two first took the world by storm through their first single #Selfie, and since then they have been a blessing to the ears of music lovers around the globe. Even though they are a force to reckon with in the music industry, the world knew decidedly less about their personal life. However, that has now changed after Alex Pall, one half of the duo, recently featured in a tell-it-all interview held by Interview Magazine that gave their fans more insight on their personal lives.

In the interview, Alex revealed that even though he and Drew Taggart lived miles apart from each other, they immediately had a connection when they met through their current manager. However, this never comes as an amazement because before becoming what the world knows as the Chain Smokers, the two had taken similar paths as they both grew up DJing in their local areas.

Alex Pall further explained that deejaying has always been part and parcel of his life as it was one of his favorite hobbies when he grew up. He goes on to add on that by saying that even though he was incredibly passionate about being a DJ, it took him time to make up his mind on pursuing it as it felt more like fun than a real job. Nevertheless, it became more than just a hobby when he visited an art gallery and discovered that music was consuming his life and it was all he wanted to do.

When the two met through the mutual friend who was then Alex Pall’s manager, they immediately got down to work, and Drew Taggart even moved from Maine to where Alex was so they could maximize on their productivity. Since then, the two have become quite influential in the world of music through the release of hits such as Roses, and most recently “closer,” a song that features Halsey, and one that has given them universal exposure. Today their music captures all types of audiences from 15 years old to fun-loving college students, and they even have fans who are over 40.


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