Gulf Coast Western is an oil and gas venture that Matthew Fleeger leads. He is the current Chief Executive Officer and President of the organization. Its focus is to explore and develop domestic oil reserves that are in the west of the United States. It looks for enterprises that have minimal risks and a lot of potential in generating profits. Through integrity, honesty, and open relationships with their partners enables the venture to be successful.

Gulf Coast Western has its offices in Mississippi, Louisiana, Colorado, Texas, and other several areas in the US. The company acquired a large piece of land of more than 1000 square miles since it obtained property rights in a partnership with Orbit Energy. An agreement from Warhorse Oil and Gas that emerged during the Orbit transaction enables Gulf Coast to operate the wells in Louisiana. These wells are set to produce over 800 oil barrels on a daily basis. The company is planning on developing two workover wells to increase production.

Due to the transaction, Gulf Coast Western got access to the Bonanza Project that is close to the Orbit development area. This will maximize the assets and production in the targeted area. Northcote Energy is another partnership that expanded the operations of the family owned business that was founded in 1970. This enables Gulf Coast Western to produce over 4 million barrels because of the multi-well drilling program in Louisiana. Matthew uses his entrepreneurial skills in the tannin sector where he started two organizations of worth approximately 100 million dollars.

Matthew Fleeger has a degree in Business Administration that enabled him to take on respectable positions in oil and gas enterprises. He is known for team building, waste management, contract negotiating, and the ability to plan strategically. He co-founded MedSolutions which transported and treated medical wastes. Fleeger acted as the CEO and President of the incorporation for over a decade. Gulf Coast Western has a rating of A+ because of its ethics practices in the business.

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