Louis R. Chenevert served as the chairman and CEO of the United Technologies Corporation from 2008 to 2014. Under his leadership, new rules and regulations were implemented within the company, and it benefited the employees. Having experience as an employee himself, Louis R. Chenevert knew what they wanted, and he also believes that business improves if the employees are happy and supported by the company.

The employees who benefited from the programs initiated by Louis R. Chenevert were thankful for a leader like him. During his term, employees who wanted to go back to school were given scholarship grants, and as a result, many decided to study again, taking up degrees related to their field of work. The number of engineers working for the United Technologies Corporation increased because many employees went to universities, taking up engineering degrees. Their lives have changed, all because of the scholarship program spearheaded by their chairman and CEO. Louis R. Chenevert also looked at the capacity of the homegrown talents at the United Technologies Corporation. Instead of hiring people from the outside, he decided to promote deserving employees. Many low-leveled employees were quickly promoted to the managing department, and it helped the company save money from the costs that it might incur if they hired new employees and training them for weeks.

Louis R. Chenevert is also known for allowing the employees to go on team building activities because he knew that the workplace should be enjoyable, and not stressful. He would also direct the management to spot anyone who tries to destroy their office culture, and he has been releasing a warning to those who are trying to exhibit a negative attitude that they would never stay for long inside the company’s premises if they continued showing their bad side.

These changes implemented under the leadership of Louis R. Chenevert easily turned him into one of the most loved and respected leaders of the United Technologies Corporation. His strategy also left a positive effect on the company – sales went up, and more clients signed partnership deals with the company. It just proves that if the employees loved their jobs, the business would be affected positively.


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