Every year, on April 26, the world celebrates the World Intellectual Property Day, paying homage to artists and creators who have been dedicating their works for the advancement of the society. The former director general of the World Intellectual Property Organization, Kamil Idris, has shared his insights about the importance of the annual event. He served as the organization’s director general from 1997 until his retirement from the post in 2008, but he managed to bring a huge impact as to how the world sees intellectual property. He managed to change the perception of everyone, especially towards intellectual properties and their creators. For Kamil Idris, it is essential to highlight the event as a day where people should appreciate every creation that has been made possible by the power of human creativity.

Kamil Idris stated that since the ancient times, people had shown their artistic side by creating artifacts like sculptures, jewelry, paintings, and manuscripts. These are all made possible because of the human nature that states that people should become artistic. Through the years, these ancient artifacts evolved, along with human creativity. The next inventions would change the way people live, like the wheel, the printing press, and eventually, the internet. Kamil Idris added that these inventions need to be protected, and thus, the intellectual property is born. In the present, every creative work should be protected by all means, and it is the reason why trademarks and copyrights exist.

Kamil Idris wanted the people to unite in protecting intellectual properties from pirates and other illegal entities who would want to cash out from these works without the permission from the creators. He stated that if an intellectual property has been stolen, its essence would also diminish. He gave an example about scientific works and broadcasting materials, along with movies and music. If the producers of these products no longer earn because their works kept on being stolen, these people would no longer have the inspiration to continue. This is what Kamil Idris wanted to prevent because for him, he knew that each intellectual property could eventually change each nation and provide development to the society.



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