To facilitate JD’s continued dedication to environmental sustainability, the company has recently implemented the use of its reusable package initiative. Customers of in Beijing Shanghai Guangzhou and Shenzhen can already utilize this new feature by simply selecting whether they would like to use reusable Packaging when placing their orders. Customers don’t have to worry about any additional fees when choosing these reusable packages as they are provided at no cost premium. provides direct incentives to its customers to utilize this eco-friendly delivery option. Any customers who opt to use the new packaging, which comes in a unique green box, will also receive JingDou loyalty points which can be used to purchase other products on


The “New Reusable Package Initiative” is just one component of JD’s overall Green Steam Program, an ambitious environmental project which seeks to reduce the impact of its supply chain on the environment. It can be expected That JD will be able to conserve approximately 10 billion Boxes by the end of the decade, while minimizing its carbon footprint in other areas as well.


This is only one of many recent initiatives by JD to promote sustainability and eco-friendliness within its business operations. For example, in early 2018 JD also implemented the use of hydrogen energy delivery trucks within Shanghai for the delivery and transportation of goods with an end goal of reducing and possibly eliminating carbon emissions associated with many of its logistics activities.


The useful package initiative is being rolled out rapidly with the expectation of providing reusable packaging as an option to consumers in 20 different cities by the end of 2018. Bing Fu, the head of planning and development at JD, stated that the company is continuing to develop and implement unique strategies with the overall intent of reducing e-commerce waste and minimizing carbon emissions. Refer to This Article to learn more.


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