JD or Jingdong, China’s largest retailer has opened two new stores at Beijing Capital International Airport, enabling customers to buy whatever they want, whenever they want. This furthers the idea and principle of “Boundary-Less Retail” that JD has pushed for years. Now consumers will be able to receive packages via autonomous robots and drones along with their more antiquated ways of shopping such as retail stores.


The new store at the BCIA offers everything from electronics to beauty supplies, mobile accessories and more. The store itself utilizes JD’s smart technology to understand how customers shop, how they interact with new technology and what products can be offered to specific customers in the future. In addition to these stores being technologically driven, JD has paired up with China Railway Express to create a 100 meter unmanned store where customers can shop with autonomous capabilities.


The store’s feature technology like facial recognition, smart vending machines which allow customers to pay for and collect items themselves without a customer service representative. The store will also feature webchat technology that allows customers to have specific items delivered to an address of their choosing.


JD.com serves over 300 million people and offers next day delivery on around 90% of their orders using both fully autonomous robots and drones. The drones and robots are capable of carrying up to 30 parcels per unit and can create routes for themselves and recognize and obey traffic lights. Read This Article to learn more.


JD.com plans to open more pop up stores in the coming future and will continue to innovate in customer service and commerce. Notably, the commerce giant recently teamed up with Paramount Pictures and Hasbro to develop the most recent Transformers installment, Bumblebee.


The film dropped a year and a half after the three companies came together to create a digital mini short featuring Optimus Prime and a new Transformer, the Red Knight. One can only imagine that JD.com, Paramount and Hasbro may continue to work together in the future as JD moves forward in the world of limitless commerce and purchasing.


Learn More: https://www.cnbc.com/quotes/?symbol=JD

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