Jana Lightspeed routinely engages in meetings for marketing, capital asset firm management and other technology updates in the capital industry. When a shoemaker designs a new footwear collection, they may decide to legally patent their work. If a shoemaker’s design is proprietary, they can pursue a legal patent. Legal patents for shoe designer allow the initial designer to retain all rights to the design. If a legal patent is issued on the date of the request, the designer can continue creating with ease. The shoemaker does not need to worry that their design may be copied by another company.

When a shoemaker replicates another designer’s collection, many customers view the company as a replica. Often time shoemakers will copy a design and sell it to the public at a significantly decreased price point. When consumers like a product, they attempt to receive the best deal possible for the service. If a shoemaker’s designs are imitated, they may decide to speak to the company. In order for a shoemaker to contact another company, they must find their contact number.

Once the shoemaker retrieves the contact number, they have a few choices. The shoemaker can visit the company in person at their regional headquarter locations. The shoemaker can also call the enterprise and leave a voicemail stating their concerns. When a shoemaker leaves a voicemail, they may need to include their name and the purpose for their phone call. Voicemails are usually no longer than a few minutes. Once the shoemaker has stated their concern regarding the new and upcoming collection, they can leave a callback number. If the shoemaker does not want the company to contact them, they will not leave their preferred contact number. Shoemakers do not endorse copied or imitated products.

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