In 2014 Paul Herdsman helped co-found NICE Global as a business solutions company. NICE’s customers are companies looking to increase profits through repeat customers and decreased operating costs. NICE Global’s answering service eliminates the bane of modern consumers; the automated operator. Some of their other services include service outsourcing, business support that includes after-hours support, and cross and up-selling assistance.


When Paul Herdsman co-founded NICE Global he and his partners made employee morale a priority. Herdsman understands that perpetually training new employees costs a company money, so NICEGlobal works to foster a work environment that makes its employees want to stay with the company long term. A rapport can develop between a long-time employee and a long-time customer that will keep that customer coming back.


An employer taking a “sink or swim” approach to the “training” they promised benefits neither the business or the employee. NICE’s training program sets employees up to succeed from their first day. The company’s continuous education program offers staff members the opportunity for advancement. Go To This Page for related information.

Paul Herdsman has created an employee rewards program that honors real productivity, not the illusion of productivity. Herdsman’s philosophy is, “Focus on what will drive that upward momentum, not on creating ‘busy’ work.”


To create a more knowledgeable workforce every NICE employee is expected to have a basic understanding of the function of every department within the company. It is not enough to know their own jobs employees must also familiarize themselves with their co-workers’ jobs. His first employer required this of Paul Herdsman showing him that cross-training of staff promotes efficiency.


To recruit the best and the brightest NICE Global has an employee referral program. Being referred by a current staff member doesn’t guarantee employment. Prospective employees go through multiple interviews and must pass a background check.


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