Gulf Coast Western LLC is an oil and gas company that is based in Houston, Texas. They focus on finding oil and gas reserves in the Gulf States through partnering in managed ventures. These types of joint ventures maximize resources, experience, and talent so that everyone profits. They buy properties that have the right geophysical and geological attributes for discovering oil and gas. They seek substantial return potential while mitigating downside risk.

Matthew Fleeger is the president and chief executive officer of Gulf Coast Western. He says that the reason his company has found a lot of success is that they form trusting and mutually beneficial partnerships with other players in the industry. He strives to create transparent relationships with his partners so that everyone knows exactly what is going on and what to expect.

Gulf Coast Western was established in 1970. One of its biggest partners right now are Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration. This company helped Gulf Coast Western acquire just about every asset of Orbit Energy Partners. This included all of their property rights and their 3D seismic data that covers the entirety of Southwestern Louisiana. By partnering with Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration they have 13 oil and gas producing wells and another 140 that have been identified as having a lot of potential. They believe there is around 30 million barrels of oil in this area.

Matthew Fleeger is a graduate of Southern Methodist University. He studied finance and marketing there. He worked for several companies and progressed through the ranks before deciding to join Gulf Coast Western, the company that his father had established.

He is pretty excited about the trends in the oil and gas industry. Due to American engenuity, there are technologies in his industry that weren’t possible even just five years ago. Oil is being discovered in places it was never thought possible.

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