Gregory Aziz was born and raised in London Ontario. He was born on April 30, 1949, and he went to Ridley College. After graduating from this school he attended the University of Western and graduated with a degree in economics. He worked for his family’s whole food business for several years before leaving to go work on Wall Street an investor.

When Gregory James Aziz was working on Wall Street he learned about a Canadian business called National Steel Car. This business had first been established in 1912 and had gone through some booms and busts over the course of its history. In 1962 it was bought by a firm called Dofasco but from 1990 forward they let the company languish. James Aziz decided to make them an offer for the company and it was accepted. His company, National Industries, Inc., became the new owner of National Steel Car in 1994. See This Page to learn more.


With Greg Aziz the new chairman and chief executive officer of this company they started to fire on all cylinders. He hired over 2500 people, raising National Steel Car’s employment to 3,000, and greatly expanded its production capacity. Based in Hamilton, Ontario, it is now considered one of the major players in the railroad car industry. Before he arrived this company mainly just sold railroad cars to other Canadian companies. Gregory Aziz instead focused more on the United States and his railcars are now used by many American companies such as Union Pacific, Babcock and Brown, Agrium, and Waste Management, Inc. He does count many Canadian companies as clients as well, though.


Gregory Aziz is recognized as one of Canada’s biggest philanthropists. He sponsored the 2009 Anglestone Tournament which is an equestrian show. He also supports his company’s equestrian team. He says that horse racing is one of his favorite sports. He also believes in supporting cultural institution and so he gives money to the local Theatre Aquarius and the Hamilton Opera.


The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair is fall fair which is held every year in Toronto, Canada. For several years Gregory James Aziz has been one of this fairs major sponsors. This is a two-week long fair that attracts more than 320,000 people each year. It celebrates agriculture and there are about 5,000 animals on display. Greg Aziz says his favorite part of this fair is the horse race and the Royal Horse Show which is this fair’s highlight.



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