Clay Hutson is a rare gem to find in the music field. He endeavors to perfect everything he does. He is known to have planned event for great performers in the rock music. Clay Hutson is a well-traveled fellow owing to his skills in the event planning.

Education and career development

Clay Hutson was passionate about music from a tender age. He developed this passion and later enrolled in the university to learn theatre designs. After graduating, he purposed to pursue his career.

He landed his first job in Nashville. He also worked for many other firms planning events. He was later raised to the post of a project manager. Clay Hutson learned many skills and polished then as he continued to work for these firms.

The recession came and hit many businesses. His employer was affected by these happenings. As an opportunist, Clay Hutson decided to establish his company. It started from scratch to now a big event planning company. The company has several talented employees.

The company is very successful that it served Guns N’ Roses, Kid Rock and Pink. Clay Hutson provided technical and managerial serves to these favorite performers.

Another success story is that Clay Hutson traveled across Asia and North America from July to September as the system manager for the Garbage band. The events were funded by Honda Civic to join the nations in these regions. The tour is known as the OneRepublic.

He also took part in the world’s tour of 2005, the Bleed Like Me concert. They went across North America, Australia and parts of Europe. He worked for them as the monitor engineer.

Lessons to aspiring musicians and event planners

Clay Hutson advises that in the music industry, skills and talents come before character. You employ the people who can perform not well-mannered and non-performing guys. Invest in technology. You should move even ahead of the rest to avoid remaining behind.

Technology should challenge you and motivate you to explore even much more.

Plan your time and do thorough exercises. Time management is vital in event planning. If you mess with your time, then you have planned to fail. After preparing your time, go through your work to perfection.

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