Gregory James Aziz is a Canadian entrepreneur in the transportation industry. After graduating from the University of Western Ontario he went to work at the produce distribution company his family owned. He spent several years there before becoming an investment banker on New York City’s Wall Street. It was in this role the Gregory J Aziz discovered National Steel Car, a company that has formed the basis of his career ever since.

Also known as James Aziz, he became very interested in buying this company.

National Steel Car is a Canadian company in the transportation industry that was established in 1912 by John Morrison Gibson. While it had done very well for decades, particularly during the second world war, this company had fallen on hard times under the ownership of Dofasco. Dofasco didn’t seem to know what to do with National Steel Car and was basically operating it as an absentee owner.

Greg James Aziz saw this company’s proud history and was pretty sure he could return it to glory as its owner. He made an offer to Dofasco and they accepted. He had no interest in being an absentee owner himself so he moved from New York to Hamilton, Ontario, where National Steel Car is headquartered. He became the chief executive officer and chairman of the board of directors. Go Here for more information.

James Aziz had a five-year plan to turn National Steel Car around. He went on a hiring spree, hiring people to work in the factory as well as engineers and support staff, and dramatically boosted its production. His company designs and manufactures railway cars used by companies in both Canada and the United States. He also invested in the sales department and picked up new clients all over both nations.

National Steel Car is one of four Canadian rail vehicle manufacturers. The other three are Rail power Technologies, Bombardier Transportation, and Arva Industries. Among the companies Greg Aziz has as customers are Lafarge, Dow Chemical, Ontario Northland Railway, Shell Canada, and Waste Management, Inc.

Greg Aziz is a very influential person in the Hamilton community. His company employs more than 2000 people there and is one of this city’s biggest supporters of food drives there and in Ontario. He also supports a variety of local nonprofits including the Hamilton Opera and Theater Aquarius.

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