Every company comes face-to-face with the same problem at some point. One day, they’ll have to find someone new to lead the company. There are many ways they could go about finding a new leader, but most do one of two things.

The first and most amateur way to go about finding a new leader is hiring a search specialist to do all the work. There are many professional search companies that specialize in helping successful companies and startups find the right employees. Usually, only startups or companies nearing desperation use these services. See This Page for related information.


The other option is more preferred by every company in the world. If they have the numbers, they’ll just promote from within. Everyone should know how that works; it’s how most bosses became bosses. After working for a company so long, certain people are primed for promotions when the time comes.

That’s the situation Gregory James Aziz found himself in after joining National Steel Car. In 1994, after living and working in New York, James Aziz moved back to Ontario, where he grew up, and started working for National Steel Car. Later, he was named CEO and hasn’t looked back since.


He learned a lot throughout his career, starting when he worked at his family’s business. After graduating from the University of Western Ontario, he started working at Affiliated Foods. He didn’t work there for long before he decided to move to New York and pursue a career in investment banking.

After growing tired of the financial world, James Aziz wanted something new and found it at National Steel Car. What he found was a friendly work environment that was filled with passionate and trusting employees. He attributes the company’s success to every single employee that has ever worked for National Steel Car.


Unlike other CEOs, who only care about their own career, James Aziz is able to focus on the greater of National Steel Car. That means he rarely, if ever, takes credit for anything himself. He always credits the success of the company to the employees, and sometimes, the customers and suppliers.


He’s able to share credit with so many people because he’s humble, another thing that sets him apart. His humble nature also allowed him to embrace his employees in new, innovative ways.

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