Fashion week in Paris, France is one of the most revered and respected combinations of events, however, many of us would deem it almost impossible to score a ticket to any one of these shows. However, one company is making a stance when it comes to the accessibility of fashion to the public. Usually, at the tail-end of Fashion week, L’Oreal begins transforming the Seine River into a pop-up fashion show that provides everyone, from celebrities to the everyday person the ability to experience fashion week.


This past September introduced us to the second annual L’Oréal Paris fashion show. The event which took place on the river Seine deep in the heart of France featured a special look into their new clothing line. Unlike other high-profile fashion events, L’Oreal’s annual event promotes their message of making fashion accessible to everyone. This includes having the event open to the public with celebrities turning out as well. For those who were not able to get tickets to the show were treated to special screens outside the venue in the hopes that everyone could witness the show. In keeping with the message of accessibility, L’Oréal placed a special focused on the women of the company as well as the diversity that makes the company great. Models of all races and creeds walked the 60-meter catwalk on the Seine river with high-profile celebrities and company leaders such as Nicolas Krafft, Eva Longoria and Elle Fanning watching from the stands. Click Here for more information.


The event which takes place during Spring/Summer 2019 Fashion Week and partnered with Nicolas Krafft’s Loreal Global Business Development will be a great opportunity for the company to showcase their upcoming fashion to a worldwide audience. The show contains over 70 new looks all created in conjunction with L’Oréal special makeup artist Val Garland and hairstylist Stéphane Lancien. There is no doubt that L’Oreals fashion show on the river will continue to grow in the years to come.


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