Athleisure has become so common, it’s now a word in the dictionary. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a new form of workout gear. The days of the old, boring, non-versatile, and, unflattering styles are taking a back seat. Fabletics is a company that has pioneered a new generation of workout wear that corrects all the previous shortcomings. Kate Hudson, being at the forefront as a spokesperson and designer, endorses the product with passion. She has become such a big part of the company, that, she is involved in nearly every executive decision, from customer service, all the way to the showroom floor.


The company uses the “reverse showroom” technique, as a significant portion of the business model. With this method, the company typically forms a relationship with the consumer online. After this relationship is formed, the customer is able to go to a retail store and, take care of business as usual. This is being done in response to Amazon, which is every traditional retailer’s competitor. Being able to actually see the clothing and, any other products in person, boost sales, and, it also increases brand recognition, and, customer loyalty.


Fabletics also forms most of its relationships through a subscription service. With this service, customers receive new athleisure every month. They’re able to keep the item, or, they can return it and receive credit towards the next shipment. This is beneficial to the customer as it keeps them stocked with new clothes, while, also saving money by reducing overhead costs. While most members choose to sign up online, many also end up subscribing at a retail location. The business model has been wildly successful. Rivaling even Amazon, with 250 million in sales, the company is able to outpace other retailers that simply don’t make it a streamlined process online, and, in the retail component.


The line has also started a new collection by Demi Lovato. There are also many other companies who now attempt to mimic the Fabletics brand name. The difference is that Fabletics places an incredible amount of time and research into all aspects of the business. For example, through data-driven information, the company can see exactly what people in a specific geographic location will most likely buy. This cuts down on excessive amounts of stock, and, simply carrying unnecessary items. The Fabletics brand has moved into other sales territory as well. Now selling kids and, plus sizes, the company recognizes and appreciates, nearly every type of customer they’d have. A Fabletics lifestyle quiz that will get you in the best athleisure fashion possible can be found at

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