For those who use beauty products or are interested in fashion, Lime Crime and Poppy Angeloff probably sound a bit familiar. It makes sense then that the founder, Doe Deere, is creating products that enhance the beauty of a woman on the inside and out.

Doe Deere has been designing products that enhance the beauty of women for a long time, came up with the idea for Poppy Angeloff, her jewelry company, after going through some family heirlooms one day. Doe Deere was very invested in the make-up business at this time and was a bit hesitant to tackle the world of jewelry.

Her sister insisted and she went forward with her ideal for the company. Doe has put in the time gaining knowledge of everything there is to know about jewelry making and the art behind it. Along with her makeup company she founded called Lime Crime, Doe has always pushed the boundaries and inspired people. Lime Crime is Vegan and cruelty free and has grown to a global brand–quite an accomplishment for a company that started in a Brooklyn apartment in 2008.

The entrepreneur is the embodiment of someone who has followed her passions and persevered through challenging times. She came to the United States with her mother and sister when she was 17 and spent 2 years being homeless and surviving in shelters and through the kind acts of others. She would tell the people she inspires to seek out what they want to do if they have dreams. Passion is what drove her and it is quite evident that her products show her love for what she does.

Doe has an energetic spirit. That is experienced through both Lime Crime and Poppy Angeloff. She is resilient and has inspired so many people globally with her brand. She can be admired for her grit and innovative spirt of creativity. The designer shows women that they can live with color, too, and truly encourages them to express themselves no matter where they are. Doe wanted to do more than just succeed, and she has. She inspires a great deal,too.

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