Daniel Taub is a former ambassador of Israeli to the United Kingdom. He is one person who has done so much for his country that he is regarded as the best Israeli diplomat. Daniel Taub achievements speak volumes about his capabilities as a diplomat. They show a man who was dedicated to working and one who was loyal to his country. Daniel Taub was a leading diplomat in the country who helped Israel negotiate a peace agreement with Palestine. He has been a key member of the country including serving as a legal adviser under the ministry of foreign affairs. Daniel Taub performed exemplary well and his achievements show it all.



Daniel Taub representation was exceptional. For a diplomat who worked for four years only in the office. He made sure that trade between the two countries doubled. This is an achievement like no other. He made sure that the achievements of his office made his Israeli government proud. When trade doubles, it means that is Israeli products were selling more in the United Kingdom. The achievements of Daniel Taub were not in trade only; he has recorded achievements all his life. He is an international lawyer who has performed very well in the legal field. He has served Israel as the deputy principal legal adviser in the ministry of foreign affairs. He has also served in other offices including serving as the adviser to the delegation that represents Israel in the united nation headquarters.



Daniel Taub is a believer in justice. While working as a diplomat in the United Kingdom, Israeli was involved in a crisis back home in the Middle East. The conflicts that existed saw various groups in the United Kingdom take a stand regarding the conduct of the Israeli government. In Bradford. The MP for this area banned Israeli goods as well as the Jewish people from accessing the area. However, Daniel Taub resisted the move and made sure that no Jew was discriminated. He personally defied the order and moved to the area in a show of protest.



Daniel Taub also responded to the issue of diplomacy that had been created after the largest student body in the U.K declared a boycott of Israeli goods as they protested the conduct of Israeli in the Middle East. Daniel Tub responded by urging university administrators not to punish the students. He said that they had a right to present their opinions even if it was against his county. Daniel Taub left office having made great achievements. He made sure that his country benefited from the partnership they had.



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