Daniel Bethelmy-Rada is the president of Matrix which is a hair care brand based in the US. The last two years he has been working round the clock to develop the brand; R.A.W.

The brand R.A.W is made up of products that are that are made from natural ingredients such as seaweed, honey, and plants. A lot of environmental consideration was taken when creating the products since even their packages are made from recycled plastics. Refer to This Article for related information.

R.A.W was created after they identified that most consumers are shifting to all natural products. According to Daniel Bethelmy-Rada products that are naturally inspired are no longer able to satisfy consumers. Currently, consumers want products that are 100% natural and that have very minimal effect on the environment.

To respond to the changing customer needs, Matrix worked with L’Oreal’s sharing program to create R.A.W. During the launch of the products, Daniel Bethelmy-Rada stated that they were faced with several challenges in trying to ensure that the products are all natural. The primary problem that Matrix encountered was high costs for their project.

Prices increased because the products had to be tested to ensure that the products were by L’Oreal standards. A lot of investment was allocated to research and innovation of the R.A.W products. These additional costs which were not planned for yet very vital will have an impact on the final prices of the product.

Daniel Bethelmy-Rada also stated that they found it hard to meet deadlines. He went on to state that they had a difficult time when sourcing for clay. The clay they first found would get contaminated very fast. Instead of compromising on quality, Daniel Bethelmy-Rada made to decision to postpone the launch of the products so they would have more time to source for clay.

Another challenge which they faced was creating attention for the new brand. Since consumers dislike being lectured about the products they are using, Dan Bethelmy-Rada decided to develop a program that educated stylists on how to use environmentally friendly techniques in their salons. The program taught more than 700 stylists on how to use less water and power.


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