Gregory James Aziz is an accomplished business person in Canada. As the owner of the biggest engineering and manufacturing company in the region called National Steel Car, he has a lot of influence in the business sector. The company has managed to overcome all the business hurdles presented by various external and internal factors to emerge the top company in the 21st century still. NSC is based in the industrial area of Hamilton.


Gregory J. Aziz is the CEO of this engineering company. Greg has been using is position in the firm to make businesses choices which have influenced the business operation in the last two decades. Greg bought the National Steel Car in 1994. Since then he has been implementing transformation measures with the intention of making the company the top engineering and manufacturing company in the world. After he bought NSC, he engaged the transformative gear. He pumped funds into renovations of the company. Greg acquired the services of engineers to work on the production systems. He needed to be sure that the systems were operating appropriately and the products coming out were of the highest quality possible.


Gregory Aziz attempt to change the company gave almost instant results. By 1999, the company was at the top of the industry from a production rate of 3,500 cars per year before he bought it from its then owner Dofasco, the rate moved up to 12,000 per year. This was an achievement that he was looking forward to and he managed to get it in the quickest time possible. To facilitate the operations of the company with the increased production rate, National steel company increased its workforce capacity to over 2,000 employees.


Gregory Aziz is proud of the performance of the company. He appreciates his employees’ devotion to work. They are a critical part of the business. They that have worked tirelessly to get the business to the top of the industry. Workers are a critical part of any business as they maintain the good relationship between the company and the clients. If they fail, the company will also fail. Visit This Page for related information


National Steel Car has maintained a very good image with the clients. Their high-quality products have kept the client in love with their products. Greg Aziz is hoping to use quality as a way of attracting more clients to the company. The workers at the company are motivated to see the company succeed and just like the owner Greg Aziz they are giving their best.


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