Bob Reina:


Bob Reina is a successful man in the business world. He is the CEO of a company that called Talk Fusion. He explains that he was able to reach this level of success based on ow hard he has worked over the years and based on how dedicated his mindset was. He states that took a lot of self discipline and a lot of critical thinking to be able to launch his own business venture. He is a man that is not scared to take on new challenges and he is aware that nothing good comes easy. Bob Reina explains that he had to take on several jobs that he was not very happy with in order to be able to save money to start his own business. His business, Talk Fusion, is a communication business company. Bob Reina explains that it took some time to be bale to get Talk Fusion to grow and become successful. Now that it is a successful company he focuses on ways o be bale to help out others and give back to his community. He is a family man and he is a very caring person. That is why it is very important to him to find positive ways to use his platform and be able to help out others. He explains that when he was younger, his goal was to be able to start his own business and become a successful business man, Now that that dream is accomplished, his goal now is to be able to help out others and to be able to inspire them as well. He encourages young people to work hard and go after heir dreams, and once hey do that he encourages them to be able to use that platform and help put others do the same thing. His hard work and willingness to always serve others is worthy of admiration.

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