Betsy DeVos is an American businesswoman and entrepreneur, and she is most well known as the wife of Dick DeVos, who belongs to one of the most influential and wealthiest families in the United States. Betsy DeVos has also been confirmed recently to become the 11th United States Secretary of Education. With her confirmation as a new cabinet secretary, Betsy DeVos promised that she will be looking at the current state of American education, and will find ways on how she can improve it. According to her, the United States is one of the wealthiest countries in the world which do not place quality education on top of its priority list.


Back in the days when she was still a private citizen not holding any governmental position, Betsy DeVos would go school after school, explaining how she wanted to transform the country’s education system. She believes that by providing school vouchers to children, parents would have the choice to put their children inside private schools which have better teaching faculty and superb facilities. She also wanted to introduce the idea of school choice, which gives the children the right to choose where they wanted to study. Betsy DeVos knows that by providing the American children a chance to select the schools where they tried to attend, they can develop their mental health and become productive citizens of the United States.


However, some look at the proposal of Betsy DeVos to be ineffective and stated that she should change her plans because it won’t simply work. Despite the criticisms that she is getting regarding her plan of distributing school vouchers and the idea of school choice, many parents still support Betsy DeVos and think that her idea will improve the state of American education system. Betsy DeVos also stated that she would not let criticism to stop her from providing the average American with high quality education and affordable college education.


Aside from working in the government as one of the cabinet secretaries, Betsy DeVos is also busy with her life in the corporate world and being a philanthropist. She is helping out her husband in running their companies, and according to those who are working with her; she is a nice person who knows how to encourage those who are around her. Betsy DeVos is also busy managing the foundations that she inherited from her father, along with the foundation that she established with her husband. These foundations have been assisting schools, hospitals, research centers, and art galleries, and they have been supportive of the DeVos family ever since. Betsy DeVos is also known as one of those who donates for large-scale art exhibits, Christian missions, and conservative schools.


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