As a Turing Fellow, Anthony Constantinou is sailing with World’s top thinkers in areas of artificial intelligence and data science. The Turing Institute boasts of excelling in data science and research in artificial intelligence. Constantinou was appointed a “Turing Fellow” by the Alan Turing Foundation in August 2018. That is just one of the many awards and honors Constantinou holds.


Decision-making dilemma

When faced with an uncertain situation, what are the inside and outside factors that influence a person to make a sound decision? This question is what Anthony Constantinou research findings seem to answer. Anthony Constantinou’ research works revolve around intelligent decision making. He has written quite extensively on Bayesian Networks and rating systems. The aim is to get one out of the dilemma of decision-making successfully.


Many Industries

Many players in the sports, investment and medicine industry are finding his research helpful; with some of them are applying his models in plotting graphs and predicting the outcomes of uncertain variables. His cost and effect analysis is used to predict outcomes of football matches. Also, in the field of medicine, they have been used to predict the cause of a disease. See This Page for additional information.


Head of Research Laboratory

Anthony is a lecturer in machine learning and data mining at the Queen Mary University of London. He also heads the artificial intelligence research laboratory in the same institution. Apart from teaching, he does consultancy work in risk assessment and project management.


He holds a Ph.D. in Bayesian networks and Masters in Artificial intelligence both from the Queen Mary University of London. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Hertfordshire.


Dual nationality

Anthony Constantinou has dual citizenship. He is a national of Cyprus and the United Kingdom. Anthony has also served as a soldier in the Cypriot National Guard. Anthony’s research works have been published in international scientific journals as well as Business and sports journals.


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