Richard Liu Qiangdong is the Chief Executive Officer as well as the Founder of website. is not any common platform; rather it is considered to be amongst China’s biggest e-commerce networks. Currently, the worth of is around $57.6 billion.


Forbes suggests the total worth of Richard Liu Qiangdong as $11 billion. In 1996, from a widely recognized, University of China, Richard Liu studied sociology and completed his graduation. His parent had a small business which faced a major setback and after that Richard Liu took all the responsibilities. He started a store selling computer accessories and gradually came up with, an online business store., at the moment, deals in four different categories, which are e-commerce, technology, telecom, and logistics. He does not compete with anybody but himself and his abilities. That is how Liu keeps himself going on at such a fast pace. Quality and cost efficiency are two things which are the topmost priorities of Satisfaction of the customer is seen as an essential ingredient.


In the previous year, hired more than 30,000 employees, and currently, the company has almost 167000 employees. Richard Liu Qiangdong claims to make a No 1 company, not just in China but on a Global level. Liu also finds protectionism a hurdle, in his way of expanding to the United States of America. He suggests that the United States must hold equal grounds for everyone. Click Here for more information


Talking about freedom, Liu says that, when you are popular, you cannot visit public places easily. Popularity snatches freedom to move and travel like ordinary people. His hobbies include fast walking, swimming and desert traveling. He finds relaxation in these activities. Liu Qiangdong considers dedication and hard work as the key elements of success. He also does philanthropic work and donates cash to charities on regular intervals.


Richard Liu Qiangdong keeps his family at the top on the priorities list. He pays due respect to his parents and still listens to their advice and suggestions. Moreover, he has bright wishes for Chinese people and wants to set an example for the upcoming entrepreneurs.


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